Your Guide to Earth’s Military Planning in the Marvel Universe

Your Guide to Earth’s Military Planning in the Marvel Universe

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Although never realised, beyond a fringe case during the Battle of New York, the Pentagon’s intent appears to have been to combat extra-terrestrial threats with light, air mobile units projecting force from stealthy helicarriers.

This article contains one very mild spoiler for Avengers: Endgame in the conclusion.  

The unsung hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the US Department of Defense. While spandex-clad special forces were running around punching things, they were steadily innovating a flexible doctrine and procuring capabilities to support it which would prove highly effective in defeating the broad range of threats to the homeland in the MCU.

Recognizing the Threat

Since 1995, the Pentagon was aware of the existence of extra-terrestrial threats. They also understood that Captain Marvel would not always be around to protect them. Earth needed its own defenders.

This article by Matthew Ader originally appeared on The Angry Staff Officer in 2019.

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