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World News, [BC-MCT-INTERNATIONAL-BJT] – Daily Inter Lake

The three additional suspects also allegedly watched videos of mass shootings at a dinner party hosted by the alleged gunman days earlier, signaling a possible wider terror plot involving Saudis training on the base in Pensacola.

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^Someone ate the $120,000 banana at Art Basel. Yes, really<

120K-BANANA:MI _ Someone ate a really expensive snack at Art Basel Saturday afternoon _ to the tune of $120,000.

For one banana.

By now you have probably heard of the now world-famous banana duct-taped to Emmanuel Perrotin’s outer gallery wall at Art Basel Miami Beach. The piece that sold to an art collector for $120,000.

The $120,000 banana _ a real, rather ripe and edible one _ is the work of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan and titled “Comedian.” The work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and owners are told that they can replace the banana, as needed.

Instructions on how to replace the banana are not included.

But New York-based performance artist David Datuna ate the banana in front of a convention center full of art lovers, according to gallery representatives.

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^Trump says Giuliani will file a report on findings from Ukraine<

TRUMP-GIULIANI:BLO _ President Donald Trump said that his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, plans to prepare a report for the U.S. Justice Department and Congress about allegations of misconduct the former New York mayor says he uncovered during a recent trip to Ukraine.

Trump said Giuliani, a central figure in the impeachment investigation into whether Trump pressured Ukraine into a politically motivated investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, hadn’t briefed him on his findings.

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^House Democrats review new trade agreement from White House, Mexico<

NORTHAMERICA-TRADE:BLO _ Negotiations on the stalled U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement reached a crucial phase on Saturday as the Trump administration sent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a proposal for changes to the deal for review.

The plan was worked out during marathon talks this week between U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and top Mexican negotiator Jesus Seade in Washington, according to people familiar with the talks.

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^Video shows how 16-year-old migrant died in his cell on Border Patrol’s watch<

IMMIGRANT-DETENTION-DEATH:NY _ A 16-year-old Guatemalan migrant died in a South Texas Border Patrol station on the morning of May 20, but his death wasn’t discovered the way the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency reported, published video indicates.

Carlos Gregario Hernandez Vasquez “was found un-responsive this morning during a welfare check,” Border Patrol said in a statement published May 20.

But Vasquez wasn’t found by a Border Patrol official; he was found by his cellmate.

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^Americans say foreign policy knowledge is vital, still flunk quiz<

AMERICANS-FOREIGNPOLICY:BLO _ Americans overwhelmingly agree that knowledge about geography and foreign policy is important in their lives. You wouldn’t know it by looking at their test scores.

The Council on Foreign Relations and the National Geographic Society commissioned Gallup to survey 2,500 Americans for their thoughts and aptitude on international issues. While seven in 10 respondents said such knowledge was important, just 6% scored an 80% or more on the quiz.

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^Los Angeles Times: We’ve seen enough. Trump should be impeached<


The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board was a reluctant convert to the impeachment cause. We worried that impeaching Trump on essentially a party-line vote would be divisive. It is also highly likely that Trump would be _ will be _ acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate, and that, rightly or wrongly, he would point to that in his reelection campaign as exoneration.

But those concerns must yield to the overwhelming evidence that Trump perverted U.S. foreign policy for his own political gain. That sort of misconduct is outrageous and corrosive of democracy. It can’t be ignored by the House, and it merits a full trial by the Senate on whether to remove him from office.

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