What Would a ‘Sanctuary City’ for Abortion Look Like?

What Would a ‘Sanctuary City’ for Abortion Look Like?

Over the summer, local lawmakers in Texas tried a new tactic for banning abortion in their communities: Since they didn’t have the power to pass state-level bans and restrictions like the ones coming out of and make it harder to challenge abortion restrictions has made finding new avenues for access all the more vital for abortion rights advocates. But even with Roe in effect, for millions of people across the country, the right to an abortion is little more than an idea. Many people are already living in a post- Roe climate, Burman said—it’s time to think more seriously about how to go beyond the rights outlined by the 1973 ruling.

“The movement has really gotten boxed into a corner of having to focus on the Constitution as the only way to protect access to choice,” Burman said. “But now’s the time to think, ‘What do we want abortion access to look like in the U.S.?’ instead of ‘What can we manage to scrape out of what’s left of Roe?’”

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