Weezer – “California Snow” Video (Feat. Adam DeVine)

Weezer – “California Snow” Video (Feat. Adam DeVine)

More than a year ago, Weezer shared an extremely poppy, genuinely terrible single called “California Snow.” They’d contributed the song to the soundtrack of Spell, a drama about a grieving American illustrator wandering the Icelandic wilderness. The movie, which also has a score from Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump, didn’t come out last year, but Weezer evidently liked “California Snow” enough that they used it on the 2019 self-titled LP that everyone calls the Black Album. Now that Spell is finally getting a release, it now has a music video.

The actor Adam DeVine is a man who has been very funny in a great many contexts: Workaholics, the Pitch Perfect movies, The Righteous Gemstones. (When Kelvin Gemstone does that elaborate trampoline routine for Jesus? Holy shit.) Today, DeVine shows up in the “California Snow” video, aggressively lip-syncing the Weezer song. DeVine is plays a psychiatrist, but he might also play Rivers Cuomo as a psychiatrist; it’s hard to tell.

DeVine stars alongside Spell actor and screenwriter Barak Hardley. Spell director Brendan Walter also directed the video, and it’s a full-on movie tie-in, with what appear to be scenes from film worked in. (I guess Hardley stabs himself in the ear with an icepick at some point?) You can watch the video below.

Spell will be streaming on demand 11/19. The Black Album is out now on Crush Music/Atlantic Records.

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