Watch Ozzy Osbourne Play ‘What’s in the Box?’ With FaZe Clan

Watch Ozzy Osbourne Play ‘What’s in the Box?’ With FaZe Clan

Ozzy Osbourne courageously plays a game of “What’s in the Box?” in a new video from esports group/YouTube stars FaZe Clan.

In the episode, taped at the singer’s mansion, Osbourne plunges his hand into an Ordinary Man-branded mystery box and must guess what creature he is touching.

“It’s a fucking lizard,” Osbourne surmised correctly in the first round. On his second turn, Osbourne’s hands encounter a small hedgehog, which the singer identifies after first guessing porcupine.

After his two turns, Osbourne then becomes the primary shit-talker as members of both the Osbourne family and the FaZe Clan reach into the mystery box. “Who can we phone in an emergency?” Osbourne asks as one FaZe member slowly approaches a spiky-shelled turtle.

When Sharon Osbourne’s hands grasp a bulbous lizard in the mystery box, Ozzy blurts out, “It’s my willy!”

The “What’s in the Box?” episode is the latest noteworthy promotion for Ordinary Man, following a SiriusXM listening party and in-store signing featuring Ozzy tattoos. On Monday, Osbourne announced that his No More Tours 2 trek is canceled due to his continued health setbacks.

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