Watch Demi Lovato Perform Recent Single ‘I Love Me’ on ‘Fallon’

Watch Demi Lovato Perform Recent Single ‘I Love Me’ on ‘Fallon’

Watch Demi Lovato Perform Recent Single ‘I Love Me’ on ‘Fallon’

Demi Lovato appeared virtually on The Tonight Show to perform her single “I Love Me.” The singer, who has been hunkering down at her mom’s house, also spoke with Jimmy Fallon about mental health and how she’s been dealing with the stress of quarantine.

In the low-key performance, Lovato really let it loose, showcasing her impressively strong vocals via her computer screen, which was contained in makeshift curtains.

During an online chat, Lovato also told Fallon that now is the time to focus on mental health. “It’s so important right now,” she said. “We’re alone with our thoughts right now, some of us are at home alone.” She added, “It’s really just them and their minds. Those voices in your head can get really loud. I call them roommates. The roommates in your head can be just as annoying as a real roommate.”

To help, she said recommends meditating and focusing on what you can control. “If you have a higher power that you believe in,” the singer noted of how to cope. “Playing with animals. Whatever you can do to continue to grow spiritually and emotionally while we’re stuck in these houses. I think now is going to be a critical point for humanity, actually. If we don’t change from this it would be so sad. We all have to use this as an experience and a chance to grow.”

Lovato released “I Love Me” in March, a follow-up to her recent track “Anyone,” which she performed at the Grammys.

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