Van Morrison – “Dark Night Of The Soul”

Van Morrison – “Dark Night Of The Soul”

Van Morrison turned 74 a couple of weeks ago, and he continues to crank out new music at a franky scary rate. As of right now, Morrison has released 40 studio albums; his most recent, The Prophet Speaks, came out less than a year ago. Pretty soon, that number will be 41. Morrison just announced the new LP Three Chords & The Truth, an album of 14 new songs that Morrison wrote and produced himself. It’s coming out next month.

Three Chords & The Truth gets its title from a frequently-quoted phrase from the late songwriter Harland Howard. That phrase — “three chords and the truth” — was how Howard defined country music. The new Van Morrison album probably won’t be country music, but it’s fun to think of him taking inspiration from that same idea. The new LP will feature guitarist and longtime Van Morrison collaborator Jay Berliner, and it’ll also feature a duet with Bill Medley, the surviving half of ’60s white-soul legends the Righteous Brothers.

First single “Dark Night Of The Soul” is classic Van Morrison — a lovely and organic six-minute ramble about depression. It sounds like it was recorded live, even if it wasn’t, and it shows that Morrison’s incredible voice is still in fine form. Listen to it below.

Three Chords & The Truth is out 10/25 on Exile/Caroline International.

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