U.S. Army Tanks Will Test a German Active Protection System (Or, a Tank Shield?)

U.S. Army Tanks Will Test a German Active Protection System (Or, a Tank Shield?)

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It could act that way.

The U.S. Army will test a German active protection system to defend its armored vehicles from anti-tank rockets.  

This marks a European entrant into a U.S. market that has been dominated by Israeli companies who have pioneered active protection system, or APS, technology. In particular, Rafael’s Trophy APS has been chosen by the U.S. Army to equip four brigades’ worth of M1 Abrams tanks, while IMI’s Iron Fist is being integrated into the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.  

Under the $11 million contract with Germany’s Rheinmetall Protection Systems and U.S.-based Unified Business Technologies, the U.S. Arm’s new Vehicle Protective Systems program office will test Rheinmetall’s StrikeShield APS beginning in October 2020.  

“The StrikeShield APS is a distributed, real-time system which was developed to protect the carrying platform against anti-tank rockets and missiles,” according to a Rheinmetall announcement. “It therefore can operate in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle to be protected. Additionally in StrikeShield the technical requirements of large caliber Kinetic Energy (KE) defeat are addressed, which is a unique combination of threats to protect against and reason for the promising overall outlook.”  

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