Tua Tagovailoa hurts his ankle and that is a good thing for the Dolphins – PhinPhanatic

Tua Tagovailoa hurts his ankle and that is a good thing for the Dolphins – PhinPhanatic

During Alabama’s game against the Tennessee Volunteers, starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa hurt his ankle and missed the rest of the game.

Losing Tua Tagovailoa may not really hurt the Alabama Crimson Tide’s chances of a title shot but fans are certain that the games without Tagovailoa will be a lot closer. While social media went into a typical social media nose dive after the injury, Tagovailoa will be just fine.

Tag’s is expected to be back in about three weeks, in time for a big game against the Joe Burrow led LSU Tigers. Tag’s told his teammates that he expects to be back for that game. Burrow is an exciting quarterback in his own right and some believe that he may translate better as an NFL pro. O.k. only a few think that.

So how is this injury good for the Dolphins? For starters the big knock on Tagovailoa is that he is surrounded by a great offensive system with solid players across the board. On Saturday after Tagovailoa left the game, Alabama managed only one touchdown.

If the Crimson Tide can’t put points on the board like they do with Tagovailoa at quarterback it would be a big plus for Tag’s and put to rest that he is only great because of his surrounding cast.

Another positive is that Tagovailoa may realize just how quickly his fortunes can change. Tag’s is a junior and there has been no confirmation of his intentions to leave school early and enter the NFL Draft. This injury, as minor as it seems now, may be the wake-up call if he is has been on the fence. He could lose a lot of money if he opts to stay in school another year.

Miami will get a good look at Alabama without Tagovailoa. The real test however will come when he returns, hopefully in three weeks against LSU.

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