Trump Was the Only World Leader to Bail on a G7 Climate Session

Trump Was the Only World Leader to Bail on a G7 Climate Session

A day after Axios reported his desire to literally bomb Mother Nature into submission, a seat reserved for President Trump sat empty at a G7 session on the climate and biodiversity. He was the only world leader not to attend the Monday morning meeting.

After the session concluded, Trump was asked by reporters if he attended. “We’re having it in a little while,” he said.

When asked what message he wanted to deliver at the climate session he would not be attending because it already happened, Trump said that he wants “clean air and clean water” and that the United States is “having the cleanest air and cleanest water on the planet.”

Trump has long denied the existence of a climate crisis, and has repeatedly mocked the idea that the world’s temperature is rising. His views have put him at odds with other G7 leaders, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron. Despite pleas from Macron, Trump has refused to rejoin the Paris Agreement, the international climate pact Trump removed the United States from in 2017. Over the weekend in Biarritz, the French town hosting this year’s edition of the G7, Trump’s team reportedly complained that Macron chose to focus the summit on “niche issues” like climate change.

After Trump skipped out on the climate session, Macron told reporters he has given up hope Trump will ever rejoin the Paris Agreement.

The French president also acknowledged that Trump supports the a $20 million aid package intended to help Brazil combat the forest fires ravaging the Amazon.

Never mind that the president didn’t even care to attend the meeting in which the package was discussed.

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