Troy Aikman: Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett can’t save embarrassing Cowboys

The Cowboys have three games left and remain atop the NFC East, but Troy Aikman believes it’s over. He saw enough Thursday night to think they won’t rebound after an ugly 31-24 loss to the Bears.

“I don’t know how you come back from this. I really don’t,” Aikman said on the Fox postgame show. “They got embarrassed in that game.”

Amid questions about Jason Garrett’s job, the Cowboys have lost three straight games. They fell behind 24-7 to the Bears and were never really in the game. Even with a 6-7 record, they remain a half-game ahead of the Eagles in the putrid NFC East, in control of their own playoff destiny. Aikman, though, is questioning how they can respond after this latest performance.

“I don’t know how you sell that if you’re Jason Garrett or Jerry Jones or anyone,” Aikman said. “When you have a performance like that to say, ‘Hey. But we’re still alive. We’ll go play this week against the Rams and it’s all right out in front of us.’

“I don’t think the players hear that. I wouldn’t hear it if I were them. And this is on the players as much as it is on the coaches. They’ve got to be better. I’m not sure I’d even talk to the team this week. I’d just say, ‘Let’s go play next week and you guys figure it out.’”

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