Tom Brady’s got jokes about Eli Manning’s retirement

Tom Brady had some fun with Eli Manning’s retirement from the NFL.

The Patriots great wished Manning the best minutes before Manning was set to go on stage for his retirement press conference. He also joked about the two moments Manning will be most remembered.

“Congratulations on your retirement, and a great career Eli! Not going to lie though, I wish you hadn’t won any Super Bowls,” Brady tweeted.

Manning led the Giants to wins in Super Bowl XLII and XLVI over Brady’s Patriots. The first of those triumphs came over an 18-0 Patriots juggernaut led by Brady and Randy Moss.

Manning was told of the tweet during his press conference and zinged Brady right back.

“We joke about it, but it’s not really funny to him,” Manning said. “When you think about the great moments of your career those are on the top of your list.”

For more on Eli’s retirement, listen to the latest episode of the “Blue Rush” podcast:

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