This upgrade will help Air Force convoys communicate at the edge

This upgrade will help Air Force convoys communicate at the edge

Persistent Systems will receive $25 million to upgrade hardware for the Wave Relay Tactical Assault Kit (WaRTAK) program, which provides multi-domain communications and situational awareness to Air Force convoys, the company announced April 8.

“It ties radio, GPS, cellular and satellite internet connections —everything—into our self-healing Wave Relay (Mobile Ad hoc Network),” said Adrien Robenhymer, vice president of business development for Persistent, in a statement.

The mobile ad hoc network allows users to share voice, video, text, GPS location and sensor data without any fixed infrastructure or a central node, providing resilient communications and situational awareness to the convoy. The system uses a shared digital map to allow users to coordinate with friendly units or identify unknown or enemy vehicles that may pose a threat to the convoy. WaRTAK is used by the 90th Missile Wing, 91st Missile Wing and 341st Missile Wing, according to the company.

The WaRTAK hardware―the MPU5 system—can be installed on ground vehicles and support aircraft or carried by dismounted individuals.

Persistent says it will supply 400 MPU5 systems under the four year contract, replacing and adding to the 350 MPU3 and MPU4 systems the company previously delivered to the Air Force. The company claims the fifth generation hardware will be 55 percent smaller than previous iterations while resulting in power savings of 30 percent.

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