This extremely rare Porsche-powered RV is hitting the auction block

This extremely rare Porsche-powered RV is hitting the auction block

And this extremely rare camper is hitting the auction block.

Not long after World War II, two German companies collaborated to create one of the most peaceful vehicles imaginable: the RV. Tempo, a truck maker that had made military vehicles during the war, teamed up with Mikafa, an aluminum body maker that previously made airplanes and trailers, to introduce a line of recreational vehicles in the late ’50s. The Tempo Mikafa Sport is one of the RVs the companies produced, and this particular 1955 model will be crossing the auction block this weekend during Monterey Car Week.

a dining room table: 1955 Porsche Tempo Mikafa Sport Camper© Motorious 1955 Porsche Tempo Mikafa Sport Camper

The most interesting part about the Tempo Mikafa Sport is that it was built with an engine from a Porsche 356. That’s like taking a Porsche 911 engine today and putting in an Winnebago! The engine was situated just behind the front seats, and this power was sent to the front wheels. According to the Mecum listing, this Tempo Mikafa Sport was one of only three Sport models ever made with the Porsche engine and badges, and it’s one of just two Mikafas in the U.S.

Regardless of what’s powering this RV, this is one cool rig! Even in its unrestored condition, this RV has plenty of character thanks to styling that looks like a mix between an Airstream, VW Bus and even elements from the Porsche 356; the white wall tires and chrome dish hubcaps finishes off the perfect ’50s vibe. The inside is just as vintage with striped seats for the kitchen area and plenty of wood paneling throughout the RV.

a van parked on the side of a road: 1955 Porsche Tempo Mikafa Sport Camper© 1955 Porsche Tempo Mikafa Sport Camper

There’s no air conditioning, but it should get great air flow with the pop-up roof, removable and sliding side windows and folding windshield panels. Camping wouldn’t be fun without some conveniences, so the Tempo Mikafa Sport has a two-burner stove, sink, refrigerator and, most importantly, a toilet.

This 1955 Tempo Mikafa Sport will go up for auction on Saturday, August 17, and Mecum is estimating that this funky-looking, super-rare RV is worth between $100,000 and $150,000.

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