This drop-in truck camper fits any truck and comes fully equipped

This drop-in truck camper fits any truck and comes fully equipped

The all-in-one Overlanding package sleeps four and is fully equipped for an off-grid weekend.

When it comes to SEMA, most people envision crazy cars or punched-up trucks that can climb the Statue of Liberty in a single bound. Naturally, everything at the show has horsepower up the wazoo, and paint jobs are as wild as hungry lions. This camper-infused Ford Super Duty doesn’t really have any of that, but it’s still quite impressive and yes, it debuted at the 2019 SEMA Show. And it wasn’t the only one.

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The world-famous aftermarket auto event launched a new Overland Experience area, and this offering from Lance Camper was one of many off-road-capable RVs in the area. This motorhome ticks our cool box for several reasons, the first being it’s a drop-in camper that can fit into any truck, and as such, it can also come out when not needed. In this instance, the truck is a 2019 Ford F-350 fitted with an ICON Stage 5 suspension upgrade that adds a 2.5-inch lift. The big camper also requires upgraded sway bars on the truck to better handle side-to-side motion caused by the camper, and air springs at the rear keep the pickup level under all the weight.

a truck is parked in front of a car: Lance Altimeter© Lance Altimeter

As for the accommodations, the shell is a Lance Camper 855S model that’s billed as a four-season rig for four people. It includes a slide-out dinette, small kitchen, bathroom with shower, and electronics galore. The fresh water tank is 30 gallons, with a grey water capacity of 20 gallons. Two five-gallon propane tanks are also part of the package. As part of this Altimeter build, Lance adds three 100 Ah Deep Cycle batteries from Battle Born Batteries, as well as a Warn Ascent bumper with a winch and a cool stereo with camper speakers.

Lance doesn’t mention price or if the Altimeter is a complete package one can purchase, but one can peruse the full options list for the 855S on the company’s website,

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