The UK General Election – It’s the 5-Day Countdown

The UK General Election – It’s the 5-Day Countdown

Into Election Week we go. For many, including the British electorate, there will the hope for an end to the Brexit saga.

Live televised debates and Q&A sessions may have ultimately gone in favor of the Opposition Party. But, the lead and the reality of Brexit looks to have given the Tories the lead with just 5-days remaining.

Market confidence going into the weekend remained, in spite of a pullback in the Pound against the Greenback. The pullback was data-driven rather than election sentiment-driven, or so it seemed.

We had seen the Pound hit choppy waters ahead of key live televised debates and last Friday was no exception.

With the U.S President on his way back to the U.S, there was little interference to trouble the markets.

So, as things stand…

The Opinion Polls

After a narrowing in support for the Tories, the Pound’s rise to 7-month highs was vindicated if the polls are anything to go by.

Oddschecker,’ data-reactid=”40″>According to Oddschecker,

  • Odds for the Tories to win with an overall majority widened from 2/5 to 3/8 over the weekend.
  • The widening came off the back of a widening from 1/2 to 2/5 mid-way through last week.
  • For the Tories to win the most seats, these held steady at 1/20 after having moved from 1/16 in the week ending 29th
  • This came off the back of a move from 1/14 to 1/16 ahead of the weekend of 23rd November.
  • Oddschecker has the odds of Labour winning the most seats at 14/1, narrowing from 16/1 from the middle of last week.
  • The odds of an overall Labour majority moved from 25/1 to 11/4, however, after having held steady at 25/1 mid-week.
  • With the Lib Dems continuing to struggle, the odds of a hung parliament moved from 5/2 to 11/4. This came off the back of a widening from 2/1 to 5/2 mid-week.

    In spite of the uncertainty of Election Day, the Bookies are going for an all-out Tory win…

    The Predictions

    The opinion polls and the bookmakers continue to have the Tories as the likely victors in next Thursday’s election.

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