The U.S. buying Greenland: Joke or genius?

The U.S. buying Greenland: Joke or genius?

Greenland is a massive yet sparsely populated island off the northeast coast of Canada that’s largely covered in ice. The island is a self-governing territory of Denmark.

Foreign Ministry said it was “open for business, not for sale.” Denmark’s prime minister called the idea “absurd.”” data-reactid=”19″>In response to reports of American interest, Greenland’s Foreign Ministry said it was “open for business, not for sale.” Denmark’s prime minister called the idea “absurd.”

Trump is scheduled to meet with the leaders of Denmark and Greenland in Copenhagen next month, though those talks were planned before the idea of a land purchase surfaced. The prospect of Greenland becoming part of the United States appears to be far-fetched. However, a relationship that allows U.S. companies access to the island’s oil and mineral resources — with Greenland and Denmark receiving a piece of the profits — may be more plausible.

Washington Examiner” data-reactid=”28″>”Don’t laugh — an American purchase of Greenland could represent an extraordinary deal in terms of America’s national security, economic interests, and environmental protection.” — Editorial, Washington Examiner

the Week” data-reactid=”30″>”The only real upside to melting Arctic ice is the increasing accessibility of various resources: oil, zinc, lead, iron ore, even gold and diamonds. If the worst-case climate change scenarios don’t pan out, well, that would be a relief; but if they do, why shouldn’t Americans be the ones to lead the world in 21st-century polar mining?” — Matthew Walther, the Week

CNN Business” data-reactid=”34″>”Even if you got an agreement in principle, the price would be extremely high. If this were to go ahead, it’s going to be in the billions, possibly even trillions.” — University College of London professor Iwan Morgan to CNN Business

Copenhagen Post‘ data-reactid=”38″>”Ultimately, though, it will be up to Greenland itself to decide its future.” — Copenhagen Post

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