The story behind a fleet of classic Ferraris left to rot in a field

The story behind a fleet of classic Ferraris left to rot in a field

A field full of abandoned, old Ferraris is not a common sight. But here are photos of a bunch of them sitting out in the elements. Silodrome originally found and published a story about these lonely looking Ferraris. According to the post, there’s a Testarossa, a 308 Quattrovalvole, at least two 328s, at least three 348s and an unestablished number of Mondials.

All of them reportedly belonged to one collector, and the story behind why they ended up in the field is rather sad. The owner (name unknown) was an attorney who acquired 13 Ferraris over the course of his successful career. Around 2011 or 2012 he was diagnosed with a serious illness, and he paid to have the cars put into a friend’s secure warehouse. Unfortunately, he ended up missing some payments as his condition worsened, and the cars were removed from the warehouse. Their new storage spot? The field you see photographed here.

Back payments were eventually made to the warehouse, but the Ferraris were never moved inside. Apparently, the Ferraris would remain in the field for nearly a decade until the family was able to take possession of them. No explanation was provided as to why they were unable to grab them sooner, but the article alludes to “legal proceedings” holding them up.

Eleven Ferraris were found in the field, but records (titles, invoices) show that there should have been 13. Additionally, two Rolls-Royces are also unaccounted for.

The family reportedly made a deal to sell nine of the Ferraris to a dealer, so they could be restored and sold to new owners. Interior photos of these Ferraris are a bit of a shock. Time sitting in a field hasn’t served them well, but at least some folks are going to give them the care a classic Ferrari deserves now. You can check out the rest of the images on Silodrome’s article.

A fleet of classic Ferraris were left to rot in a field originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 14 May 2019

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