The Sidekicks – “Feed II” Video

The Sidekicks – “Feed II” Video

Cleveland rock outfit the Sidekicks have been putting out a steady string of one-offs this year. So far we’ve gotten “Ode To Jerry” and “People’s Court,” and today they’re sharing another track, “Feed II.”

Their most recent album was 2018’s Happiness Hours, so it’s unclear whether they’re building up to another full-length or just blowing off some steam, but either way they’re sounding pretty good! “Feed II” is a little rootsy and a lot of laidback, but it also sneaks in lines like “so you used HTML code to decipher the truth,” so make of that what you will!

“Feed II is about the constant online projection of self and the ensuing feedback loop this creates between those needing to see & be seen in this manner,” vocalist Steve Ciolek said in a statement.

Listen to it below.

“Feed II” is out now via Epitaph.

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