The 15 least-expensive luxury cars

The 15 least-expensive luxury cars

To many, owning a luxury car is a status play. Who doesn’t want a car with a prestigious badge on the hood or grille, and the appearance of wealth it bestows upon you? We have good news: For about the same money as a well-equipped mid-size sedan or compact SUV, you can have a vehicle built and sold by a full-blown, legit luxury automaker.

So, don’t plunk down payments on a $50,000-plus luxury car. Simply consult this list of the 15 least-expensive cars and SUVs available from luxury automakers. You’ll make sacrifices in size and actual luxuriousness-in brief, many are small and not as nice inside as their larger, pricier siblings. Hey, nobody said the idea of “affordable luxury” isn’t oxymoronic. Click through to see the options, ranked from most to least expensive:

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