Tell Your Tether: The Us Soundtrack Is Now On Vinyl

Tell Your Tether: The Us Soundtrack Is Now On Vinyl

Jordan Peele‘s horror film Us is a masterpiece, not just because of its clever story and brilliant acting by a cast who often had to play insane versions of themselves that couldn’t speak; it’s also the horrifying, chill-inducing original music created by composer Michael Abels who handles the vast array of instruments like a dark puppeteer does the limbs of their marionette, finding new ways to send goosebumps up your spine, or make you double take behind your shoulder so that the creepy-crawly closet monster from your childhood doesn’t reappear and sink its teeth into your sweet flesh. This collection of music is now available to purchase on vinyl through WaxWork Records’ website. With Halloween around the corner, this makes for the perfect gift.

The soundtrack to Us is 32 tracks long. This means that all of the horrific goodness from the film’s beginning to its end will come hurtling back to you at full speed as it crawls on. “Death of Umbrae” and “Down The Rabbit Hole” are two songs that are integral to the plot based on title and, if you recognize the names, then there’s a good chance you know exactly what these two will sound like. The last track of the LP is “I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix from Us)” that originally played in the first trailer for the film, taking the classic 1995 jam by Luniz and unpeeling it like a rotten onion, gradually growing more vile and disgusting as you strip away its layers and it slows to an otherworldly moan that’s not too far off from a screeching halt. The entire experience is here for you to reminisce and create new memories with.

MTV News spoke to Ables about composing music for the film in April and he broke down different aspects of the creation process. “There’s a track where a kalimba, berimbau, and didgeridoo are playing together and they are all from different cultures, so there was a lot of experimenting with traditional and non-traditional sounds specifically to come up with the sonic palette for Us,” he said.

Check out the Us soundtrack up above and go half-and-half on it with your tether.

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