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Why e-news.us value is for 11500000USD

Till last years in Domain Name Market the most valuable domains & TLDs was .com TLD and next one was .net but during last two years internet changes rapidly as new gTLDs are available for registration and Country Code TLDs going to be more targeting from Search Engines.

Already most Search Engines change  their search algorithms & checks with following ways and when you hit any keyword, engine try to find and giving you output results as:

  1. Mainly from where user is – country origin
  2. From where user is – town origin as like .nyc (New York city)
  3. Browser-user continent origin
  4. Borowser-user native language
  5. And then search engine try to find
  6. Most popular one website
  7. Most targeting TLD as like (if you spacegame will try to find if there is any one well known with the TLD space.game or spacegame.games etc.)
  8. Same keyword search with same domain name or TLD
  9. If website have SSL certificate
  10. Website reputation, blacklist etc.
  11. Website content, titles, etc.

So from now on and into short future search engines will giving more as first search results output from  local country websites or from continent websites rather than other as like common one.

Of course .com or .net TLDs will still be popular but search engines always will try to find for you a local – near to you website.

e-new.us belongs to our Group for some years now, for short periods we had a live website so to test it and have some first statistics.

e-news.us was live for about 6 months as a news site portal, which auto-upload news posts for some of our major and well kmow news websites, into those 6 months e-news.us was ranked by alexa

Global  Rank 1.250.000 and Ranked for USA 940.000


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