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Israel Hacks At Iranian ‘Tentacles’ In Widespread Syrian Strikes

Israel Hacks At Iranian ‘Tentacles’ In Widespread Syrian Strikes

Credit: ISI

TEL AVIV: Israel launched widespread strikes against Iranian targets across Syria yesterday, with Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett declaring that “the rules have changed. Anyone who shoots at the State of Israel during the day will not sleep at night. Like last week and now this week.  Our message to Iran’s leaders is simple: You are no longer immune. Wherever you stretch your tentacles-we will hack them off. ”

Israeli defense sources say they believe the types of targets and the Iranian casualties incurred will force Iran to retaliate. At least 23 were killed in the night attacks across Syria, 16 of whom are believed to be Iranians.

The night attack included a key Iranian target, the “Glass House” at Damascus international airport, used as Syrian headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. In past Israeli attacks, this building was not attacked. “Hitting this building this time is a clear sign that Israel will use all it has to stop the Iranian growing presence in Syria” one Israeli source said.

A senior official in Israel’s defense establishment noted the “head of the Iranian octopus” sits in Tehran. “We have not yet threatened the head of the octopus – Tehran. But it is possible to start approaching the head of the Iranian octopus,” he warned.

The strikes occurred at least in part because senior Israelis believe the U.S will not succeed in stopping the Iranian rush to the bomb.

IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Hidai Zilberman told reporters today here that “tens” of targets were attacked in Damascus, west of Damascus and the Syrian Golan Heights, belonging both to Bashar al-Assad’s regime and Iran’s Quds Force .

It can be assumed the massive attack was performed after Israel notified Russian forces. Proof? The Russian-made S-300 surface-air systems — still controlled by the Russians — were not used against the attacking aircraft and were not struck by Israel.

Syrian-controlled anti-aircraft systems did try to down Israeli aircraft.

The massive attack came after four surface to surface missiles were launched yesterday from Syria. They were all intercepted by Israeli’s Iron Dome anti-missile system.

The next level of escalation might involve strikes against Iran’s ancient American-made F-4s, which they are trying to upgrade. Iran recently unveiled an upgraded F-4 that uses a new radar.

Two US F-4 Phantom IIs during the final military flight of the aircraft at Holloman AFB.

According to updated data, six of the Iranian air force’s 16 squadrons are comprised of F-4’s of three variants, the F-4D, F-4E and RF-4E (this model has been modified from an ISR aircraft to one that designed for combat.).

Recent reports claim there are roughly 45 F-4’s either in “full” or “partial” operational status.

Israeli sources say that the Iranians want the aircraft to be able to target ships in the Persian Gulf.

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