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Watch a Corvette ZR1 hit nearly 200 MPH in the standing mile

Watch a Corvette ZR1 hit nearly 200 MPH in the standing mile

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The mid-engine Corvette might be all the rage now, but let’s not forget about the C7-generation ZR1. With 755 supercharged horsepower, it’s brutally quick and massively capable on track.

The Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, a top-speed testing facility in Florida, recently found out first-hand just how capable the car is. The team took a dark red ZR1 for a standing mile run to see how well it could do in a straight line, and managed to nail 192 mph before crossing the finish line. Impressive stuff.

© Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds – YouTube It’s not mid-engine, but it does have 755 horsepower.

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Despite not having grippy all-wheel drive, the ZR1 rocketed to 60 mph in three seconds flat in our testing, taking just a quarter-mile to reach 135 mph. If the Proving Grounds gave it a few hundred more yards, it probably could’ve reached its top speed of 212 mph with ease.

No, the ZR1 isn’t mid-engine. But it’s still wildly cool. And fast.

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