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Wonder Gun: Ruger’s SR22 Pistol Can Do It All

Wonder Gun: Ruger’s SR22 Pistol Can Do It All

Kyle Mizokami


The SR22 is a well balanced rimfire pistol that can do a little bit of everything, from target shooting at the range to light hunting and even home defense.

Key point: Lightweight and inexpensive to shoot, it is an excellent training handgun for first time shooters.

The field of rimfire pistols is a crowded one, with a large variety of pistols to choose from. The Ruger SR22 pistol manages to stand out by combining a modern look with versatility to match the user, from the ability to customize the pistol’s ergonomics to the installation of threaded barrels. The result is a pistol at home with target shooters or home defense enthusiasts alike, and an excellent training pistol, especially for younger shooters.

Ruger is no stranger to the rimfire market, having produced the Ruger Mark IV target pistol and the 10/22 semiautomatic rifle for decades. The absence of a do-everything .22 LR pistol was a conspicuous hole in the company’s product lineup until 2012, when Ruger introduced the SR22 at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SR22 is based on the Ruger LCP double action pocket pistol, using the same hammer-fired fire control system.

The SR22 is both a single and double-action pistol, with a rounded hammer for single action cocking. This dramatically reduces trigger pull and makes it more accurate for aimed shots. The hammer is both skeletonized and has a rounded spur for reduced weight and ease of operation. The relatively low recoil and force of the .22 round makes the use of an aluminum slide possible, matched with a polymer frame. The barrel itself is stainless steel. This reduces overall weight to just 17.5 ounces, or just over a pound.

One of the major advantages of the SR22 is a focus on ergonomics. The SR22’s aluminum slide is machined with serrations to ensure a positive grip when chambering the first round. The weapon has a fully ambidextrous safety/manual decocking lever and ambidextrous magazine release, making it comfortable for both left and right handed shooters. Ruger’s rimfire pistol also has two interchangeable rubberized grips for adjusting palm swell size, allowing it to adapt to shooters with smaller or larger hands.

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