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Chief concern: QB’s injury a fantasy spiderweb

Chief concern: QB’s injury a fantasy spiderweb

I don’t care who’s on your team and what NFL things you root for; it’s depressing when the league’s best player gets hurt. I glumly watched the second half of the Chiefs and Broncos Thursday night, wondering if Christmas was canceled.

It’s going to be several weeks before we see Patrick Mahomes on a football field again. (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

Midday Friday, we welcomed some Mahomes optimism. Maybe we’ll get our toys after all, just with a delay in the delivery.

Adam Schefter is the go-to for NFL news, and this is what he released on Mahomes Friday afternoon:

The Mahomes injury is a fantasy spiderweb, affecting fantasy gamers in several ways. Let’s touch on the three keys prongs now: Mahomes himself, the collateral damage for the Chiefs, and possible QB replacements if you’re in the market for one.

I roster Patrick Mahomes — what do I do?

It’s not convenient, but most gamers with Mahomes will have to tuck him away and play the waiting game. The Chiefs are still in a good spot at 5-2 and likely won’t want to rush him back. Maybe he only needs to rest three games, but it might be prudent to sit him four weeks (Packers, Vikings, at Titans, at Chargers), then toss in the Week 12 bye week. That would set a rested and rehabbed Mahomes for this finishing kick: Oakland, at New England, Denver, at Chicago, and then the Chargers in Week 17. It’s not an easy schedule, but elite offensive talent can overcome most matchups.

Of course, if your playoff spot is in jeopardy, you flip the switch into “now” mode. Mahomes’s future upside is what you sell to your leaguemates as you look to maximize your immediate winning chances. All fantasy advice, now and forever, is contextual.

Coming off a significant injury, Mahomes probably won’t be my QB1, but that’s not a big thing. If he’s on the field, he’s an automatic starter, well inside the start line.

What about the rest of the Kansas City offense?

Ah, what happened to our carnival? Let’s take a good look around the Kansas City locker room:

Travis Kelce’s season has been a mild disappointment, but we can’t call it a total disaster. He’s been TE13 or higher in every week, and he’s been inside the Top 9 on four occasions. This isn’t what you expected when you drafted Kelce, to be fair — there’s only been one smash week and he’s never been the top-scoring tight end in any week. He’s scored just once, after all. But Kelce’s usage has been consistent, even if the Chiefs haven’t unlocked him in the red zone. There’s not much you can do here but hold; even if you take a loss on Kelce this year, it’s unlikely to be anything prohibitive.

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