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Mall Santa Claus fired after posing for ‘inappropriate’ gag photos

Mall Santa Claus fired after posing for ‘inappropriate’ gag photos

A Canadian shopping mall Santa Claus (not pictured) was fired after administrators saw racy gag images of him on Facebook. (Photo: Getty Images)

“They were fun adult humor,” Prystay, who runs a mobile manicure business, told CTV News. “The world has got to lighten up a bit.”

“She wanted to do a picture with Santa and Santa appearing to drink from the flask,” he told CTV. “It’s in my nature: I am loud, boisterous, fun-loving. What you see with Santa is what you get with me.”

But Haupt’s cheeky sense of humor didn’t fly with the mall’s administrators, and when they saw the photos uploaded to Facebook, he was terminated from his role.

“I believe [the mall administrators] should’ve said, ‘This has got nothing to do with us.’ My contract doesn’t begin until Saturday morning,” Haupt told CTV.

This isn’t the first time that Haupt’s snapshots have raised eyebrows. Last year, he took several photos with customers who wanted shots of them spanking, or getting spanked, by Santa. Those photos were not taken at the mall, either.

Despite the controversy over his snapshots, Haupt is still hoping to get back to his station at the mall before the big holiday. But he doesn’t exactly regret posting the silly snapshots, either.

“If what I do brings a smile to somebody, if it makes them happy, if it gives them a sense of peace — I’m good for that,” Haupt told CTV.

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Haupt, Prystay and the Cherry Lane Shopping Centre, but did not receive responses by the time of publication.

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