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An almost literally explosive ‘American Idol’ episode: Gas leak leads to emergency evacuation

An almost literally explosive ‘American Idol’ episode: Gas leak leads to emergency evacuation

“We’re getting heavy propane,” Luke Bryan told producers. “This is not a joke. There really is a gas leak.”

Alarms went off and the set was promptly evacuated, where outside a typically dramatic Katy swooned and fell to the pavement, moaning, “I’m not feeling good.” But she seemed to recover rather quickly, and may have just been trying to attract the attention of the hunky men in uniform who had swooped in to save the day. The best moment was when the firemen finally gave the all-clear and everyone celebrated with a group singalong of judge Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long,” which was good enough to earn all of the firefighters golden tickets.

Jovin wasn’t the only great auditioner this week. Let’s see who else is going through to Hollywood.

Last year, Cyniah went viral with a family living room performance of “Change Me Oh God,” which racked up more than 4 million views. It’s easy to see why. With a mature but quirky rasp that reminded me of Season 3’s Fantasia and a sweet girlishness that reminded me of Season 6’s Jordin Sparks, she delivered a polished yet effortless performance of Calum Scott’s ballad that actually had a dreamy-eyed Lionel comparing her to a young Whitney Houston.

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This piano prodigy’s original song gave me total Jena Irene vibes. Katy, who marched right up to Julian afterwards and gave her a huge congratulatory hug, said, “You are as good as Catie Turner, as Alejandro Aranda. … I think you’re top five.” Luke said, “That was big-time… really, really classic.” Lionel raved, “You gave us your whole authentic self.” I thought the song itself was just OK, so I’m eager to see Julia dig into some other material, but the raw talent is definitely there. 

Hannah showed up with her husband and Treble Soul bandmate, Curt Jones, who decently auditioned with Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On” but failed to secure a golden ticket. Instead, Curt’s job was to be supportive and help Hannah hold on, as she poured her whole heart and trebling soul into her original country ballad — which was about her post-pregnancy addiction to hydrocodone and how it almost destroyed her marriage. Her audition in fact took place on the one-year anniversary of her sobriety, and it was incredibly moving. “There’s a pain that you can feel, and people resonate with it,” Katy said. So it looks like both Hannah and Curt will be going through to Hollywood — Curt as Hannah’s support system, and Hannah as a potential new star with a new lease on life.

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