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Justin Theroux Gives Jennifer Aniston A Sweet Instagram Shoutout Nearly 2 Years After Split

Justin Theroux Gives Jennifer Aniston A Sweet Instagram Shoutout Nearly 2 Years After Split

Even though they’re no longer married, there’s still a lot of love between Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston – and he sent a little her way while asking his ex a huge favor!

“KUMA had a rough day…” wrote Justin Theroux at the start of his Nov. 7 Instagram post. The Lady and the Tramp star shared a picture of his adorable pooch, the aforementioned KUMA, while telling a heart-wrenching story about some dogs in need. Justin pleaded with his followers to come to rescue some of these dogs that were up for adoption, while tagging his ex-wife (and Instagram’s newest sensation) Jennifer Aniston, 50, as well as his friend, Selena Gomez, 26. “We were working in Ventura, and wouldn’t you know it? We just HAPPENED to be RIGHT NEXT to @vcanimalservices. KUMA had a feeling there might be some amazing puppies in there. SO, we went over to meet some of them…”

“We met SOME SERIOUSLY CUTE PUPS…. Like ZUMO, SHOTTI … A puppy that doesn’t even HAVE name yet… AND… a very scared STELLA that was too scared to even say hi to us. (all pictured here)… KUMA used to be JUST like them… without a forever home. SO!!! She DEMANDED that we do something! At the very least, she made sure it was easy to adopt them….ALL of their adoption fees have been paid… Now ALL they need is an amazing Human who is committed to taking care of them.”

Jennifer and Justin recently reunited to mourn the passing of their dog, Dolly, the while German shepherd she adopted as a puppy following her split from Brad Pitt in 2005. “Jen felt comforted having Justin by her side to celebrate Dolly’s life with a special ceremony,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife after the dog’s death “Jen knows that Justin loved Dolly just as much as she did and it’s a huge loss for both of them. They really did look at Dolly as one of their children.”

“So if you’re in the Ventura area… ZUMO, SHOTTI, NO NAME, and STELLA would love a visit… and of course… more than anything would love to take care of you. #adoptdontshop #pitbullsofinstagram @selenagomez (sorry Selena, you know the drill) @jenniferaniston (yep, now that you’re on here, your gonna get this a lot too),” wrote Justin. Perhaps Jen’s heart has healed enough for her to adopt another doggo?

Jennifer actually “liked” Justin’s message, so will she go home with ZUMO, SHOTTI, or even NO NAME? Only time will tell. If there were any pic that could top the Instagram-breaking Friends reunion she shared when she joined the social media network, it would be a photo of her with a dog.

Source : Jason Brow Link