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‘AGT: The Champions’ Recap: One Incredible Act Gets A Second Golden Buzzer

‘AGT: The Champions’ Recap: One Incredible Act Gets A Second Golden Buzzer

One former ‘AGT’ finalist returned to the stage for ‘AGT: The Champions’ and earned a second Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel during the Jan. 20 episode.

AGT: The Champions is now in week 3 and 10 more acts are performing for a spot in the finals. Dog act Alexa Lauenburger, who won Germany’s Got Talent in 2017, is the first to perform. She is so excited to meet Heidi Klum for the first time. Alexa’s act is fun and energetic, especially because of the pups. She’s only 11 years old! Howie Mandel calls Alexa “truly amazing” and “truly a champion.” Alesha Dixon gushes that Alexa’s performance “brought joy” to her heart.

Tyler Butler Figueroa returns to the AGT stage after earning Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer in season 14. The 12-year-old violinist performs a fun rendition of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” with backup dancers. Alesha raves that Tyler brought the “swag” this time around. Simon calls Tyler an “extraordinary young man” and a “fantastic kid” after he walks off stage. Ben Hart is a magician who got third place on Britain’s Got Talent in 2019. Despite making it to the finals, his performance for AGT: The Champions is not that impressive. Howie notes that he didn’t personally feel this performance was good enough to win. Simon echoes what Howie said and says it was “nowhere near good enough.”

Video project dance duo Freckled Sky from AGT season 10 comes back in hopes of winning it all. Their performance is theatrical but a little all over the place. Simon actually hits his red buzzer during the performance. Simon says he “didn’t get it” and calls the performance “boring.” Howie and Simon argue about the performance. Howie thinks the performance was “beautiful” and Heidi agrees with him.

Moses Concas is a musician who won Italia’s Got Talent in 2016. He plays the harmonica unlike anyone else. While he’s super talented, there is no wow factor with his performance. Simon admits that it’s going to take a “miracle” for Moses to make it to the next round. Howie doesn’t think the performance was up to par and neither does Alesha.

V. Unbeatable comes for a second chance at winning and their performance is straight-up incredible. The season 14 finalists bring something completely new and thrilling to the stage. Their performance earns a standing ovation from everyone. Simon raves that V. Unbeatable is “one of the best acts we’ve seen on Champions this year.” Howie is so impressed that he gives V. Unbeatable his Golden Buzzer! This is the group’s second Golden Buzzer. Dwyane Wade gave the group his Golden Buzzer during season 14.

Michael Grimm was the winner of AGT in season 10 and has returned for AGT: The Champions. His performance is so soulful and swoonworthy. There’s no denying he has a terrific voice. Alesha tells Michael that he has a “lovely voice.” Simon admits that he didn’t like the song because it was too safe. Acrobatic couple Duo Destiny won Poland’s Got Talent in 2018. Now they’ve come to America to win AGT: The Champions. Their performance is full of so many incredible stunts and intense chemistry between them. Heidi proclaims that Duo Destiny was “perfect” and Howie says the performance was “seamless.”

Dance group Quick Style won Norway’s Got Talent in 2009 and they’ve gone on to have major success. They’ve choreographed pieces for BTS. The group tells the judges before the performance that this routine is much slower than their previous ones. The routine is sensual and fluid, but Howie presses his red buzzer during the performance. He says that this routine didn’t compare to the other dancing he saw previously in the episode. Alesha thinks it’s unfair to compare this style to the other acts since it’s so different. She calls Quick Style “slick” and “sophisticated.” Simon says he wasn’t a fan of the song choice. The last act of the night is horror magician act Miki Dark. He brings up Heidi and Terry Crews for his act. His act definitely keeps everyone on their feet.

V. Unbeatable is already headed to the finals, so that means there are only 3 spots left. Duo Destiny and Tyler Butler Figueroa get the votes to move on to the next round. It comes down to Michael Grimm, Quick Style, and Alexa Lauenburger for the judges’ choice. Alesha, Howie, and Simon all choose Alexa so she’s headed to the semi-finals!

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