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Cops caught the fugitive doctor and her husband in Haiti. How is he now a fugitive?

Cops caught the fugitive doctor and her husband in Haiti. How is he now a fugitive?

Fugitive North Miami Beach Dr. Jeanne Germeil and her husband, Jean-Rene Foureau, were arrested together in Haiti two months after she skipped out of the United States before her sentencing on federal drug charges.

But while Germeil’s serving her 17-year sentence in federal prison in downtown Miami, still proclaiming herself a conspiracy victim, Foureau remains a fugitive in Haiti. He’s charged with aiding and abetting Germeil’s contempt of court (her escape).

A DEA spokesperson said in an email to the Miami Herald, “At the time he was arrested with his wife, there was no active warrant. The warrant was issued after his release from the Haitian National Police.”

Foureau, 56, and Germeil were arrested on July 18 in Pointe Sable, Port Salut, Haiti. The criminal complaint filed in federal court against Foureau, detailing their preparations for absconding to their native Haiti from their Naples home, is dated July 26. The court order transferring him to fugitive status was signed Aug. 16.

Haiti’s been dealing with violence and anti-government protests occupying law enforcement while inhibiting travel, especially during a long nationwide lockdown. The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee held a meeting on Haiti Tuesday, a meeting U.S. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson said she pushed the committee into.

‘It’s time to give back.’ How two brothers have helped hundreds of Haitian orphans

Harvard benefited from Antigua slavery. The two are talking about an education partnership.

Meanwhile, Foureau remains free. He emailed the Herald from Haiti on Nov. 27 and several times the following day, Thanksgiving Day.

Foureau said he’s not in law enforcement custody. His emails forwarded his wife’s account of what she said at her Nov. 26 sentencing before (she claimed) U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro cut her off. The judge sentenced Germeil 17 1/2 years for illegally dispensing opioids and contempt of court (jumping bond with her escape).

Germeil has repeatedly said racism and sexism made her the target of a rigged arrest and trial. She maintained that claim at her sentencing on 11 counts of distributing a controlled substance. Evidence at trial said she wrote 13,759 prescriptions for opioid pain medications over 20 months in 2016 and 2017 at Germeil Medical in North Miami Beach, a rate of 687.95 prescriptions a month.

“If the crime is that the physician wrote too many prescriptions for controlled substances, the questions are: firstly, how many is too many? Secondly, isn’t that an overstatement?” Germeil said, according to her account forwarded to the Herald by Foureau. “Thirdly, is there a law that limits the number of prescriptions that a physician can write? And, fourthly, instead of saying ‘too many’ wouldn’t it better to say for too many? Then a concerned citizen would know that was a very busy clinic that dealt with thousands of patients.”

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