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A new cyber group to help Marines – and they don’t have purple hair

A new cyber group to help Marines – and they don’t have purple hair

A new pool of subject matter experts of who can be called in to help on cyber or IT issues for the Marine Corps has begun its work, including for a project on defensive cyber operations and another to improve automated tasks on networks.

Officials told Fifth Domain the members of the Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary aren’t hackers with tattoos and purple hair, as was thought, when the program was activated in May. Instead, they are industry, academic, technical and project management experts.

“It is a pool of highly qualified individuals who want to help the Marine Corps and increase their effectiveness and readiness in the cyberspace domain,” Maj. Stephen Magee, the auxiliary’s program manager within the Deputy Commandant for Information, told Fifth Domain in an interview. He added the program is entirely voluntary.

A cyber network operator with Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, maintains network connectivity during a mission in Helmand province, Afghanistan, June 13, 2014. (Marine Corps)

In early 2018, the Marine Corps’ previous commandant wanted to bring in highly qualified experts who could link up with the Marine Corps and volunteer their time, Magee said. The result was the Cyber Auxiliary.

Organizations within the Marine Corps that require help on a particular project or program can fill out paperwork for a specific requirement. The Cyber Auxiliary team will then weigh those requirements against the pool of volunteers and choose who might be best to help. For example, it may be a one-time advisory session or a longer effort that offers guidance periodically throughout.

One of the first areas of focus for the auxiliary was the defensive cyber operations-internal defensive measures companies that reside within the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Information Groups (MIG). These are be specialized and tactically focused defensive cyber teams.

Magee said the auxiliary has volunteers with expertise in digital forensics and industrial control systems that can assist in this realm.

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