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Ammika Harris Posts New Photo Of Her ‘Angel On Earth’ Aeko & Fans React: ‘Beautiful Boy’

Ammika Harris Posts New Photo Of Her ‘Angel On Earth’ Aeko & Fans React: ‘Beautiful Boy’

Ammika Harris’ followers had a unanimous opinion: Ammika’s nearly two-month-old son, Aeko, is a ‘cutie’ and looked just like his dad, Chris Brown, in a new photo shared on Jan. 17!

For Ammika Harris, 26, heaven is found in a crib right by her side! “ANGEL ON EARTH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰,” the artist captioned a photo of her newborn baby boy Aeko on Jan. 18, who was staring up above with that classic look of childlike wonder. Ammika just welcomed her first and only child with Chris Brown, 30, in Nov. 2019, and he’s already turning into an Instagram star!

“Lil Breezy😍,” one fan wrote, referring to the nickname of Aeko’s daddy, and others agreed that the baby is “Chris Browns [sic] twin clearly.” Another follower commented, “Beautiful boy ♥.” Little Aeko’s adorableness was undisputed, with a string of comments like, “He’s so cute. I’m gonna cry,” and, “Such a cutie.” The baby looked cozy in a onesie decorated with cartoon animals, adding to the overall “aww” factor of the picture!

Of course, people are not always so kind on Instagram. Ammika has to regularly deal with unwelcome speculations in her Instagram comments! Fans aren’t sure if Ammika and Chris are officially back together, although they did spark engagement rumors after wearing suspiciously similar-looking sets of diamond rings in recent weeks. Given the uncertainty, one fan jumped into Ammika’s comments section on Jan. 11 and wrote, “[Chris and Ammika] are not a happy family as they co-parent and do what is best to have a healthy relationship or Aeko’s best interest.” Taken aback, Ammika sarcastically responded, “Glad you know our business better than we do.”

And then there are the mom-shamers, a particularly vicious demographic on Instagram. Ammika dealt with this crowd after taking Aeko to Germany this January, and some of Breezy’s fans freaked out over the faraway trip. “So you left with Chris’ son to Germany?” one such person asked Ammika under her Instagram selfie on Jan. 13, and she clapped back, “He is MY son too, you know. HIS YAE lives here!” Other fans explained that “yae” can mean “grandmother,” but Ammika doesn’t have to explain herself on Instagram — or anywhere!

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