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Video shows gun-toting robbers get shut down by a locked door

Four masked, firearm-toting crooks came storming into a Harlem Heights storefront with guns drawn — only to be foiled by a locked door, police said Thursday.

The foursome burst into the D’Sergio’s Multiservices at 1590 Saint Nicholas Avenue just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, with one man packing a pistol and two others passing an apparent assault rifle back and forth, video of the tense attempted heist shows.

The leader can be seen wearing a yellow mask while trying to shove his handgun through a slot in a clear partition at the front desk, video shows. He quickly gives up before banging on a locked door to his right.

“Don’t you f–king move, b—h! Open the door!” the man in the yellow mask screamed at a worker, police said.

The video shows him aggressively kicking it and banging it with the butt of his gun, before calling it quits and fleeing in an unknown direction with his cronies.

There were no injuries and no shots fired, cops said.