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How to Pick Your Space Force Commander

How to Pick Your Space Force Commander

Peter Garretson


Here are a list of important questions for Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett to ask prospective candidates in her quest to find the CSO with the right vision for the future:

Congress and the president together have created a U.S. Space Force. Now, the hard job of selecting its head begins.

The new command’s top leadership is of critical importance to the nation, because while most tasks can be delegated, it will be these leaders that establish the vision and culture of the service. Sooner or later, therefore, Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett will need to interview and forward candidates to the Senate.

The Current State of Play

The current legislation gives the president the option of allowing General John “Jay” Raymond to transition from the Air Force Space Command Commander directly to be the U.S. Space Force (USSF) commander—the Chief of Space Operations (CSO)—without a separate confirmation process. General Raymond is also presently dual-hatted as the U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM) commander. The legislation, however, only gives the secretary of defense the flexibility to continue that dual-hatting for the first year. After that, Raymond would have to surrender one of those positions. The USSPACECOM position is the more senior of the two, reporting directly to the president and secretary of defense, and it therefore is likely to be the one that the general picks. 

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