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Browns fans swing helmet at Mason Rudolph piñata

Stay classy, Cleveland.

Videos tweeted by Cleveland.com and others show Browns fans swinging a Steelers helmet at a piñata with Mason Rudolph’s image and jersey painted on it.

In one clip, a blindfolded fan wearing an Odell Beckham jersey is trying to hit the piñata while another fan in a Myles Garrett jersey moves the piñata around. The crowd cheers, throws yellow penalty flags and attempts to guide her verbally as she misses repeatedly.

The raucous scene appears to have taken place during a Cleveland tailgate Sunday before the Browns hosted the Dolphins.

The distasteful showing comes after the Nov. 14 Browns-Steelers brawl during which Garrett removed Rudolph’s helmet and hit him with it. Thirty-three players were punished by the league, including Garrett, who was suspended indefinitely for his role in the melee. The suspension was upheld by the NFL on Thursday after the 23-year old defensive end appealed the ruling.