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Caleb Caudle Takes a Gritty Road Trip in the Blistering Song ‘Monte Carlo’

Caleb Caudle Takes a Gritty Road Trip in the Blistering Song ‘Monte Carlo’

For his eighth studio album, Nashville songwriter Caleb Caudle sought a little more grit for his rootsy Americana sound. On his new song “Monte Carlo,” he finds it, delivering a nostalgic road trip across his childhood and into the future.

“Monte Carlo” features Elizabeth Cook on harmony vocals and is the latest track released off Caudle’s upcoming album Better Hurry Up, produced by the Jayhawks’ John Jackson. The chorus has a travelogue quality, as Caudle documents his journey in the titular Chevy. “I drive through the Smokey Mountains/in a Monte Carlo/stop at a casino/bet it all on black.”

“I have to give full credit to my childhood for the imagery in this one. My grandpa had a 1970 Monte Carlo that was glitter green with dark green leather seats. He had a little Batman figurine hanging from the rear view. We would ride all over the back roads in North Carolina,” Caudle says. “This song is about getting to that breaking point where you have to just throw caution to the wind and go for it. The life of a musician on the road puts you in all sorts of uncomfortable situations where you kind of lose control. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just lean into that craziness and see what shakes out. The band tore it up and it was so much fun singing with my friend Elizabeth Cook.”

Caudle, whose last album was 2018’s Crushed Coins, recorded Better Hurry Up at the Cash Cabin, Johnny Cash’s Hendersonville, Tennessee, retreat turned recording studio. Along with Cook, John Paul White, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Wilco’s Pat Sansone appear on the LP. Better Hurry Up will be released April 3rd.

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