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New Jersey couple busted for stealing golden retriever puppies: cops

New Jersey couple busted for stealing golden retriever puppies: cops

A New Jersey couple has been arrested for allegedly stealing six golden retriever puppies worth about $5,000, police said.

Jennifer Goldthwaite, 41, and Christopher Gordon, 20, both of Flemington, were busted late Saturday after a dog breeder in Pennsylvania told cops that people were trying to enter his property and possibly steal his French bulldog puppies for sale, PennLive.com reports.

Responding officers found Goldthwaite in a car outside the breeder’s home, while Gordon was walking up to the vehicle. The man who called police identified the pair as the people who took a look at his young pooches earlier that day, police said.

Officers spotted a box inside the car containing six golden retriever puppies, police said.

Goldthwaithe insisted the pups belonged to her, but detectives got in touch with local breeders and tracked down the real owner of the dogs — who was unaware they had been dognapped, WPMT reports.

Goldthwaite and Gordon had also inquired earlier about the golden retrievers, which were estimated to be worth about $5,000. The dogs have since been returned to their owner, PennLive.com reports.

The pair, who were charged with burglary, theft and criminal conspiracy, have been released from custody after posting $25,000 bail. They are expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on April 17, PennLive.com reports.

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