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6-year-old tennis star can’t stop going viral

6-year-old tennis star can’t stop going viral

A 6-year-old has the one-handed backhand seen ’round the world.

A young tennis player from the UK went viral Thursday after his dad posted a video of him hitting powerful one-handed backhand shots on a court, instantly drawing comparisons to the likes of Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka, who have mastered the shot.

David Lax posted the video of his son, Ethan, to his Instagram page. It was soon tweeted out by the ATP Tour account and caught the attention of thousands, including US star Sloane Stephens.

It’s not the first time Ethan has gone viral, according to his dad. When Ethan was 3, he hit with his idol, Rafael Nadal, and the current No. 2 player in the world shared a video of it on his own Instagram.

A more recent video of Ethan hitting trick shots was shared by Nick Kyrgios on his Instagram page as well.

But for now, even as the world has taken notice of him, Ethan is just enjoying the sport as a young kid.

“As far as hopes for the future I guess for any kid playing tennis has a dream to be a pro some day, win Wimbledon, etc.,” David Lax told The Post. “But for real it’s a tough sport and we have no expectations. Ethan is age 6 and as long as he is happy, he is playing the sport he loves and has a healthy lifestyle that’s all that matters right now. No doubt he is very talented but we really are just enjoying right now and not even thinking that far.”

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