#StrayKids_Levanter Trends As K-Pop Group Release New Album and Music Video – Newsweek

#StrayKids_Levanter Trends As K-Pop Group Release New Album and Music Video – Newsweek

K-pop group Stray Kids released a new album and music video for their latest single on Monday.

The new record Clé: Levanter features 8 new songs and is the final installment from their Clé series (in addition to Clé 1: MIROH and Clé 2: Yellow Wood). It’s the 7th EP from the 8-piece outfit since their debut in 2017.

The new album aims to “convey courage and faith to the listeners,” the band’s management company JYP Entertainment said in a statement on its website.

The title track “바람 (Levanter)” has been released with a new music video that sees the band alternate between the scene of a car crash at the end of a dark tunnel to a pink-hued wheat field with a dreamy feel. It plays out against the backdrop of an uplifting tune with lyrics including “What I needed was me walking with my feet, and I felt the light pouring down the moment I left the tunnel that locked me in my dream,” which are said to reflect the band’s view of their own journey in their music career, JYP Entertainment noted.

“Stray Kids, who have been running toward their dreams, has condensed the true meaning of ‘Clé’ in this album,” it adds.

K-pop Group Stray Kids Releases New Track From Korean Drama Series

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Another track, called “Stop,” is said to be an extension of previously released tracks “Yellow Wood” and “The Road Never Stepped On,” with its lyrics highlighting the “enlightenment that Stray Kids arrived at the end of the road that was never trampled on,” the JYP statement described.

Self-acceptance, perseverance and moving forward in the search for peace are some of the themes expressed in the other tracks, such as Double Knot, which explores “the spirit of being able to leave anywhere in a strong melody,” while “Sunshine” was written by band member Han who “in the midst of the chaos of the city,” attempts to “embody the heart of finding peace,” JYP stated.

The new release has been welcomed by Stray Kids fans, with several posting messages of their first impressions on using the hashtag #StrayKids_Levanter, which has been top-trending on Twitter, along with several other related hashtags including #Cle_LEVANTER.

Several fans have commented on the introspective lyrics of the title track.

“In #Levanter they realized that the ones they need are themselves and they want to be themselves now. they keep wanting to let go of someone but I feel that someone is not a person but the darkness that they locked themselves in. they want to feel the light now. #Cle_LEVANTER,” wrote @skzphorias.

“The MV [music video] may seem to have a vague answer for theories. Maybe this is really not yet the end of the stories, but I really feel like LEVANTER is that mark of them finally finding their own selves, their own identity. So a new beginning is waiting,” wrote @eyesmilejeong.

Others appreciated the vocal combinations on the album.

“This part is so beautiful, the contrast in their voices is so satisfying. Another iconic Hyunjin and Felix [group members] combo #StrayKids_Levanter,” wrote @tbzqtie.

“It’s just so addictive. i really really hope this will make people realise how much talent [band member] lee know has, and how beautiful he sounds #StrayKids_Levanter #Clé_LEVANTER,” wrote @lineadesyeux.


Last month, Stray Kids caused an emotional frenzy among fans around their song titled “끝나지않을이야기” [translating to “The Story That Will Not End” in English], which featured on the soundtrack of a Korean television drama series titled in English as Extraordinary You and was the group’s first-ever OST (original soundtrack) release.

The K-pop band’s eight-city U.S. tour kicks off on January 29 in New York City and culminates in Los Angeles on February 16, performing in Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, San Jose (California) and Phoenix in between.

Stray Kids performing at the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.

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