Sports’ finest hour coming during coronavirus fight

Sports’ finest hour coming during coronavirus fight

The thing to remember is, many of the people who engage in the most profound examples of philanthropy prefer to do it away from the glare, away from the lights. One of the last conversations I ever had with George Steinbrenner was trying to convince him to attach his name to a story detailing an extraordinary hand he’d provided someone.

“The satisfaction comes in the helping,” Steinbrenner said, gently refusing to take part in the story, “not in the telling.”

It is important to remember that as we see, in ever-increasing numbers, sportsmen and women who have stepped forward to assist New York City and elsewhere in this time of unrelenting need. Much is being done, as usual, without PR campaigns to spread the word. The helping is more important than the telling.

Still, every day, we are allowed a glimpse of how sports is lending a hand, sometimes modest, sometimes extraordinary. In the past few weeks alone, we have seen countless athletes underwrite the salaries of arena and stadium workers. We have seen Shin-Soo Choo of the Texas Rangers donate $191,000 so that each of the franchise’s 191 minor leaguers could add a much-needed $1,000 to their bank accounts.

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