[SPOILER]’s Ex Sends Love After Shocking ‘DWTS’ Win: I’m ‘So Proud’ Of You

[SPOILER]’s Ex Sends Love After Shocking ‘DWTS’ Win: I’m ‘So Proud’ Of You

The Mirror Ball trophy was handed to someone so unexpected, even the winner’s ex-girlfriend had to film her reaction! Here’s what she said after the jaw-dropping ‘Dancing With The Stars’ season finale.

Bobby Bones, 38, shocked Dancing with the Stars fans after he was crowned the Season 27 winner — his ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Ell, included! But her reaction was much kinder than the many tweets that came pouring in after the finale aired on Nov. 19. “Holy crap, Bobby, YOU WON,” the country music singer said on her Instagram Story. “You won Dancing with the Stars. That’s amazing and I’m so f***ing proud of you. It’s awesome.” She even took to Twitter to share her congratulations — see her message below! Even though Lindsay ended her one-year romance with the iHeartRadio host of The Bobby Bones Show in October 2017, we’re not surprised by her public display of support.

While Lindsay was still seeing Bobby, she EXCLUSIVELY chatted on HollywoodLife’s podcast in August 2017! She gave us love advice that foreshadowed how there’d be no bad blood after the breakup. “One of the best pieces of advice I could say is…date somebody who you’re friends with first,” she told us. Lindsay called Bobby her best friend before he transitioned into the boyfriend title, as they became close while she opened for Bobby’s comedy band, The Raging Idiots. It only makes sense that they’d revert to being friends!

Even Bobby and Lindsay’s breakup was on amicable terms, since outside forces made them split apart. Bobby’s job as a radio host put his then-girlfriend’s fledgling career as a singer in jeopardy, as Bobby’s competitors refused to play her songs. “Her whole life she’s tried to make it as an artist. She finally puts out a record [The Project] and the record goes No. 1 and then radio stations all over the country won’t play it because she’s dating me,” he told his radio show listeners on Oct. 23. “It was weird stress that amplified everything else.”

We’re just happy that Lindsay still sent love Bobby’s way, because he needs it. Although the radio host can thank an army of fans for putting that Mirror Ball trophy in his hands, he was met with an almost equal amount of haters after the controversial win. Given that Bobby didn’t have the best track record of scores, many fans cried injustice when fellow celebrity finalists Milo Manheim, Alexis Ren and Evanna Lynch left empty-handed — get the full recap of the Season 27 finale, fan reactions included.

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