Second Nazi Video Emerges of Pacifica High-School Students in California – The Daily Beast

Second Nazi Video Emerges of Pacifica High-School Students in California – The Daily Beast

A second video has surfaced of high-school students in Southern California singing a Nazi song and giving a Nazi salute, a day after The Daily Beast uncovered a nearly identical incident involving the same students.

On Monday, The Daily Beast reported that 10 members of the Pacifica High School boys’ water polo team in Garden Grove, California were filmed before an awards ceremony last year giving the salute once used to greet Adolf Hitler and singing a song performed for German troops during World War II. The school subsequently said the incident occurred in an unsupervised banquet room.

By Wednesday, a second video also reportedly filmed last year showed members of the same team making the same Nazi salute and singing another German song. In the footage, one student can be seen wearing a Confederate flag.

A third video shows two students goose-stepping and carrying the current German flag.

A spokesman for the school district previously told The Daily Beast that administrators became aware of the first incident and video four months after it was filmed. Parents at a school board meeting on Tuesday said they were furious that they had not been informed about the incident.

In a subsequent statement, the school said administrators “addressed the situation with the students shown in the video and their families but did not involve the larger school or district community in addressing the issue.”

District officials have not said if they disciplined anyone, but Tuesday said their investigation continues.

“We’ve recently received new allegations, new photos and video, even within the past hour and new claims that have led us to re-open and widen the scope of the investigation,” said Steve Osborne, principal of Pacifica, at the meeting on Tuesday.

Some students received death threats over the videos, the district said.

“We are sorry that our investigation and our transparency with the Pacifica community fell drastically short,” Osborne added. “In retrospect our judgment was wrong and we take full responsibility for that.”

The school said “any students engaging in hate speech or activities will face disciplinary action in accordance with California Education Code.”

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