Ryanair passenger paid more for windowless window seat

Ryanair passenger paid more for windowless window seat

You don’t always get what you pay for.

A man who took a Ryanair flight from Berlin to Dublin this week shelled out extra dough for what he thought would be a window seat. As fate would have it, the seat was located next to the cabin’s casing, with a window located just one row behind.

“The window seat I paid for, for my [Ryanair] flight to Dublin,” the man, identified by Dublin Live as Marcos Molina, tweeted on Thursday. “Refund??? #travelfails.”

Molina, who’s from Puerto Rico and resides in Berlin, told Dublin Live that he paid this extra charge a second time for his return flight to Germany. He reserved the same seat going back.

“You know, you pay more to be comfortable, or at least as comfortable as it can be on a cramped plane,” he told the site.

Dublin Live tried to recreate the booking and reported that the online seat map, which shows available seats, does not show windows off to the side.

A spokesperson for the budget-friendly airline told the site: “There are three seats on all Boeing Next Generation 737-800s that do not have windows. Customers who choose to purchase these seats are advised of this fact during the booking process on the website.”

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