Rosalía And Billie Eilish Hit The Studio Together And ‘Had A Great Time’

Rosalía And Billie Eilish Hit The Studio Together And ‘Had A Great Time’

What happens when you mix the poetic and intricate timbre of Rosalía with Billie Eilish‘s prickly whisper? It’s hard to imagine, but it looks like we’ll get to hear it–at some point anyway. Rosalía sort of teased a forthcoming collaboration with Eilish in a new cover story with Billboard. She didn’t elaborate much, but it looks like the two young stars have worked together. We really hope it sees the light of day.

Rosalía revealed the circumstances of their joint work but didn’t give too many details as to what it would sound like. “When I was working with Frank Dukes in Los Angeles, Billie and I had a session together, totally independent from her other projects,” she said. “We wrote with her at the piano. We created a great idea for a song and had a great time.” The language sounds very particular. A “great idea for a song?” We’re curious to see what this means.

Elsewhere in the interview, Rosalía elaborated on what the processes were like working with J Balvin and Ozuna on “Con Altura” and “Yo x Ti, Tux Mi” respectively. “We did everything with Balvin remotely, but Ozuna spent a couple of hours with me in the studio in Miami,” she said. “Pabo and I wanted to come up with a song that worked for Ozu, so I listened to the beats [he likes] and the key he usually sings in, and from there we developed my verse,” she said.

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