Richard Linklater’s Latest Anti-Ted Cruz Ad Mocks His Presidential Ambitions

Richard Linklater’s Latest Anti-Ted Cruz Ad Mocks His Presidential Ambitions

The Fire Ted Cruz Political Action Committee and filmmaker Richard Linklater are back at it again with a new ad against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is engaged in a political battle for his senatorial seat against Democratic Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-TX).

In keeping with the other two campaign ads Linklater has directed for the PAC, the ad features a Texan sitting in a diner, talking to the camera but addressing Ted Cruz.

This time around, the ad mocks Cruz’s presidential aspirations. “I like a guy who travels around the whole state of Texas and meets people he wants to represent,” the Texan says, adding, “Ted’s been to every county… in Iowa!”

While noting that Cruz is consistently ranked in the bottom 10 percent of senators in attendance at votes in the Senate, the tough-talking Texan tells Cruz, “I’m not paying for that anymore. Six more years of your [presidential] aspirations? You go, Ted! Don’t let us get in your way. You’ve got your fat cats backing you.”

The Fire Ted Cruz PAC, which is not affiliated with O’Rourke’s campaign, has been critical of Cruz, listing reasons to fire him on their website, including, “Cruz is a liar” and “Cruz voted against health insurance for our veterans.” The group is chaired by Marc Stanley, a Dallas attorney and political activist. 

O’Rourke has gained national attention and broken Senate fundraising records, but the sitting senator has maintained a single-digit lead over his challenger in the polls during the month of October. 

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