Porsha Williams’ Baby Girl Pilar Enjoys ‘Story Time’ With Cousin Baleigh — Watch

Porsha Williams’ Baby Girl Pilar Enjoys ‘Story Time’ With Cousin Baleigh — Watch

Porsha Williams’ daughter Pilar was read a children’s book by her cousin Baleigh and her reaction was adorable! We have the cute video.

Porsha Williams‘ fans were just blessed with yet another video of her baby girl. An adorable clip of Porsha’s daughter being read to by her cousin Baleigh was posted on June 11 to the official Instagram account for Pilar Jhena McKinley (yes, a 2 month old does have her own Insta account with 164K followers, TYVM).

In the visual, you can see PJ sitting comfortably on a colorful blanket while Porsha’s young niece read aloud pages from the children’s book Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee. Porsha, 37, can be heard encouraging Baleigh to “go ahead and read it” before reminding the child “you’ve got to read it louder so she can hear you.”

All the while, Pilar is lounging out and staring off into space, completely uninterested with what’s happening. Gotta love a naturally sassy baby! The video was captioned, “Story time with my big cousin Baleigh Love you Cuzzoooo.” It also tagged Porsha’s sister and Baleigh’s mom, Lauren Williams.

This, of course, isn’t the first time we’ve been blessed with cute videos of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star’s child. In a clip shared on June 4, Porsha hilariously gave her kid a manicure and pedicure as the tot snoozed in her baby chair. She took care of her baby’s nails very delicately so as not to wake her. We’ll be patiently waiting for more PJ vids!

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