Panthers G.M.: “We’re hoping it’s not too bad” –

Panthers G.M.: “We’re hoping it’s not too bad” –

After worrying all offseason about his shoulder, the Panthers now have to worry about Cam Newton‘s foot and ankle.

And their General Manager who is not known for his great optimism is trying to look on the bright side.

Panthers G.M. Marty Hurney said on the team’s radio post-game show that the hope was Newton’s injury was not too severe.

We’re hoping it’s not too bad,” Hurney said late Thursday night. “We’ll find out more tomorrow. But I hope it’s not too bad.”

Newton left his first preseason appearance of the year after 11 plays. On the last one, he scrambled around and took a sack, but the fall didn’t appear to be violent or particularly awkward.

He left Gillette Stadium in a walking boot.

Today’s tests will only hold the fate of an entire team in the balance, as the Panthers current crop of backups (Kyle Allen, Will Grier, Taylor Heinicke) don’t rise to the level of an otherwise talented roster. And if they’re not going to sign you-know-who, the market for veterans is picked over after Charlotte-resident Josh McCown signed with the Eagles.

If Newton has to miss time, it might force them into trading for a more proven commodity. Also, their entire season might be compromised because of a meaningless game.

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