Okay Kaya – “Baby Little Tween” Video

Okay Kaya – “Baby Little Tween” Video

Okay Kaya is the musical moniker of Kaya Wilkins, a Norwegian-born and New York-based singer and songwriter. On the heels of her 2018 debut album, Both, she signed to Jagjaguwar earlier this year. Along with that major announcement, Wilkins released a jazzy cover of Cher’s iconic “Believe.”

Now, Okay Kaya is announcing her debut full-length on the label, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself, due out in January. We’ve already heard one track from the upcoming album, “Ascend And Try Again,” which was shared in September along with a video. Today we get to hear another track called “Baby Little Tween,” also with a video.

The instrumental of “Baby Little Tween” is broken up into two sections with entirely different vibes. Throughout the first half, there’s a rhythmic drum-pad beat and swirling, airy synths that underscores most of the lyrical content. Then comes a heavy silence that is disrupted by an organ-like, deeply ruminative progression that precedes a decisive spoken-word proclamation. It’s a fascinating juxtaposition considering the song’s other lyrical content — I mean, it starts off with Okay Kaya singing, “I ride the mood/ Baby little tween/ Mood riding/ Riding on your dick.” We have no choice but to stan.

In the video, Okay Kaya skis down a Japanese mountain with a doll version of herself attached to her body. The doll is a tad creepy, but the video, directed by Okay Kaya along with Adinah Dancyger, ends with Kaya drinking a beer and severing the connection between herself and the doll. Of the video and song, she says: “My friend Jimmy heard it early on and said, ‘You’re Norwegian, right, you ski. This makes me think about skiing down a mountain.’ ‘Ride the mood.’ And then my brain exploded. And it turned into this weird ski holiday with my pathetic little twin coming along for one (hopefully) last ride.”

Watch the video for “Baby Little Tween” below.

01 “Baby Little Tween”
02 “Ascend And Try Again”
03 “Insert Generic Name”
04 “Overstimulated”
05 “Psych Ward”
06 “Guttural Sounds”
07 “Asexual Wellbeing”
08 “Popcorn Heart”
09 “Mother Nature’s Bitch”
10 “Hallelu Ya Hellelu Me”
11 “Symbiosis”
12 “Givenuptitis”
13 “Helsevesen”
14 “Stonethrow”
15 “Zero Interaction Ramen Bar”

Watch This Liquid Pour Itself is out 1/24 on Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.

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