New Hampshire, Coronavirus, #MeToo: Your Wednesday Briefing

New Hampshire, Coronavirus, #MeToo: Your Wednesday Briefing

(Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the , a black standard poodle, pictured below. We spoke with Sarah Blesener, one of a number of photographers who has helped us cover the show.

Have you covered anything like this before?

Oh my, no. This is my first time, and there’s nothing like it. It feels like there’s too much to photograph. It’s visually overwhelming — that’s a better way to put it. The activities are quite redundant, the grooming and the competition, but the people and the dogs are unique. You turn a corner and there’s hair spray in the air and a dog in a new outfit, or people are dressed in ’40s sequins.

How do you work with the other photographers?

We cover different shifts. Somebody will be there in the morning, somebody in the afternoon, somebody in the evening. Somebody is doing video. It feels nice, you have more confidence to have your own vision.

What are you looking to capture?

The people are so quirky and interesting, and their relationships with the dogs are remarkable. That’s what I was drawn to. But it’s hard, because you have to make it not look too kitschy, to get something that’s more than just another cute dog. And you don’t want to disturb or overwhelm anyone. People are really emotional, they’re really stressed. It was more challenging than I realized.

That’s it for this briefing. See you next time.

— Penn

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